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Make A Difference, Whatever Your Age

Sometimes, it seems that the younger someone is, the more they want to change the world. Children aspire to be superheroes, share their big hearts openly and have significantly less cynicism than their adult counterparts.

When we are young, we dream of changing the world, but we don’t always have the means to. But as we get older, we have more means and opportunities to make a difference. Sadly though, as the stresses and trivialities of adult life take root, we can lose the drive to do something.

This doesn’t mean we don’t want to make a difference; just that we don’t always know how. The sponsored silences of our schooldays are no longer a viable option at the end of every term, and popping spare change in the charity pot doesn’t quite seem enough.

No matter what your age though, there is always something you can do to help charities like Muslim Aid help others. Whether you are an adult looking to make a mark on the world by helping those in need, a teen striving to make a difference, or the parent of kind-hearted kid, there are opportunities at every stage of life. Read on for just a few ideas on what opportunities you have available to you, whatever your age.

Hold a School Bake Sale
Sometimes, the little things make all the difference. When you are busy at school, after-school clubs and muddling through life as a 21st-century child, you don’t have the time or the means to go on volunteer campaigns and offer financial support. So, get your children to do something they enjoy, such as baking. Then, help them host a bake sale to sell their wares and raise funds they can donate to their chosen campaign.

Volunteer Your Gap Year
If you are a young adult practising Qurbani, transitioning from the routine of school to the freedom of university and work, you will likely be wondering how you can make the most of opportunities like your gap year. Well, how about volunteering your gap year? You will still get to travel to unfamiliar lands, but you will be changing lives for the better in the process. Even if you spend your gap year volunteering at home, you will gain valuable life experience, and you can make a difference, both on your doorstep and across the wider world. Now is the time to volunteer unabashedly, before responsibilities and commitments stand in the way.

Give What You Can
If you are the breadwinner in the home, packing up and heading out on a volunteer mission is not the most practical of options. That said, you will still want to make a difference and help the campaigns and teams that do the work on the ground. There is no need to agonise over how you can be in two places at once. Simply give what you can, whether you donate goods and supplies, monetary offerings or your time a few times a month; every little bit will make a difference. So meet your responsibilities at home, but still make giving to those in need a priority.

These three suggestions will help you get involved with humanitarian and relief efforts, right the way from primary school to retirement. Of course, these are by no means the only ways you can make a difference. Working with Muslim Aid will give you plenty of access and chances to get out there and change the world, one life and one community at a time.
You can come up with your own creative ways to raise money for campaigns, or you can give your time and effort to promote awareness. If you prefer, you can regularly donate to our various projects. Whatever you do, join Muslim Aid and let’s make a difference together!


What to Consider in Laser Liposuction

What To Consider in Laser Liposuction

Many people wonder what liposuction entails. Others would like to have it, especially those that are overweight and have tried various approaches to what they need to do, that is, lose weight where it matters. Some of the key issues that you can look at are the risks involved as well as the costs incurred were you to go for liposuction. You should also consult your doctor if you are serious about getting one done.

The fat cells are acted on through laser lipo by the use of different waves of light. The process is akin to vacuuming in that the lasers melt the fat found inside the cells. As such, it becomes easier for doctors to use suction in order to get the fat out of the body. Laser lipo is completed using different approaches.  Laser lipo machine is used in conjunction with other lipo types that draw out the fat. There is also the option of cold laser therapy where heat is not applied and the melted fat is not suctioned out.

One of the most common risks associated with laser liposuction is burns. Doctors that are not seasoned in this field tend to burn patients with the laser light. There are other risks that arise during liposuction like burn scars in the areas where it is undertaken as well as damage to the tissues in the surrounding. If you want to get liposuction done on your body, you should consider the training, knowledge and experience of the doctor and not the costs of the procedure alone. Look for doctors that are certified by the medical board. They should also be able to handle emergencies during the liposuction procedure, as Institute of British Lasers rightly points out. Despite the fact that there are very few risks associated with liposuction, it is essential that you visit the right kind of doctor just in case of an emergency because it only takes a few minutes before the situation turns from bad to worse.

The liposuction doctors should be well trained in order to use the machine safely. Note that there are laser lipo machine manufacturers that offer training for as little as forty eight hours only to certify that the doctors as trained. You can visit a laser lipo doctor and ask for the contacts of other patients that have attended his or her clinic. Most of the reputable doctors will be happy to oblige you with their contacts as proof that they have done a satisfactory if not exceptional job. You should also determine whether your body is suited to laser lipo. (Read more)There are many people that should not opt for it because of a variety of reasons. Note that there results may exceed your expectations or you may be disappointed. Once you have all the information, you will be in a better position to decide if you are the right candidate for laser liposuction.

Finally, the aforementioned factors will determine your suitability for the liposuction procedure, even before you consider if you can afford it. This should be the last factor to consider before you make a final decision. For more information on Laser Tattoo Removal Machines, then head on over to British Lasers!



Photo Etching vs. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the fastest growing technologies in different industries. It is a fast, flexible, and efficient solution (as far as quality of workmanship is concerned) when it comes to cutting metallic objects of varying thickness. Photochemical etching, on the other hand, is often referred to as soft tooling technology. Today we will look at the workings of both in order to better inform users of their usage, benefits, and versatility. Not many people are familiar with these technologies. The idea is to inform people of these cutting methods and how they play such a vital role in some unique and specific situations.

For those who are not entirely familiar with laser technology and how it works, lasers use a combination of variables available at their disposal to burn through a material. To be more precise, collimated light and gas are fused together to create a burning effect that cuts through thick metal. Metal laser cutting technology is centrally controlled by a computer that uses digital controls to guide the cutting heads. The cutting beam has to trace all the features of the part in a linear fashion.

A good thing about lasers is that they do not require hard tooling. Meaning no piece of hardware needs to be manually configured in order to make it work. They can be programmed via software that is both fast, straight forward and most importantly, safe. We mentioned earlier that lasers are fast, however many factors affect their speed. There are a number of variables to consider. The type of the material is one.

The thickness is another very important factor. Lasers are ideal for cutting materials that are thinner than 25 mm. Anything thicker is still workable, but the accuracy and quality of the cut might take a toll. The size and shape of the part that requires cutting is another variable along with the amount of power the equipment can provide to the laser. These things combined determine the actual speed and efficiency of the laser cutting technology. A .02 mm thick stainless steel sheet will take 45 seconds to cut through a laser.

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Photo etching works differently. The technology itself is very old, going back all the way to 1950 yet very few people know about the process. For one, photo etching requires photo etching equipment like bending and folding tools to function properly. Creating photo etching tools requires taking many steps. For one, the designer will have to adjust the settings and adjustments of the CAD file associated with the equipment. Take the example of an 18 x 24 sheet. Using photo etching, the sheet can be etched 48 times. The end result is a laser plotter that can produce two sheets of film at 8000 dpi resolution. The whole process can take a couple of hours. All sheets then go into an etching line where one after the other they are cut into 800-850 parts per hour regardless of the material.

Even though the distinct advantages of laser are hard to argue, there are certain situations when photo etching will come out on top. When dealing with material made up of complex geometry, photo etching clearly is the better solution because using it doesn’t not impact rate of production. For simple materials such as a stainless steel sheet, lasers are the better option. Photo etching is proficient in working with thin materials and the type of finer detail that is currently increasing in demand within the industry.


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